Weigh-In Catch-Up

Susquehanna Health’s weight loss competition drops impressive numbers!

by Chloe Quimby

The fourth weigh-in of the Weight Loss Competition for the employees of Susquehanna Health took place on April 9th. After the third weigh-in, out of 108 teams, six from SSMH made it to the top ten—three for the pounds lost (In It To Win It, CTRL ALT DIET, and Fat Busters) and three for percent fat loss (Waist-N-Way, Dump Your Rump, and Ice Cream Truck Chasers). As of the third weigh-in, the total weight loss of all competing teams was 4,113.5 pounds. After some jockeying for position, the fourth weigh-in shows that there are now four SSMH teams in the top ten for pounds lost: In it to Win It, Counter Measures, Thin It to Win It, and Fat Busters. Additionally, there are four SSMH teams in the top ten for percent fat loss: Thin it to Win it, Dude Where is my Gut, Waist N Away, and Slim Down Sisters. If you know any of the teams or any of the team members this is the time to encourage them before the last weigh in on May 7th!

The total pounds lost by all 108 teams after the fourth weigh-in was an impressive 4,755.5. The SSMH teams alone lost 1,168lbs by the fourth weigh-in. What a great start to beginning a healthier lifestyle! Jerrod also commented that the attitude among all involved has been overwhelmingly positive. We were able to catch a few of the Fat Busters, a team comprised of laboratory co-workers. An enthusiastic group, this bunch went so far as to make t-shirts including the individual’s name and the number pounds she wants to lose, with positive slogans on the back. Some of Fat Buster team members and their desired weight loss goals are as follows: Lisa Bates (60lbs), Angela Terris (40lbs), Angie Gee (18lbs), Jenny Barret (32lbs), and Jennifer Fields (15lbs). A fantastic example of dedication and self-discipline, this friendly competition has really encouraged participants to be Susquehanna Healthy.

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