The Weekly Highlights 01/20/14 – 01/24/14

A look at this week’s highlights on Wellsboro Home Page.

This week’s highlights begin with an unfortunate house fire affecting one of our Wellsboro families. The Wellsboro Fire Department responded immediately to a house fire on 6 Hastings Street here in Wellsboro on Friday afternoon and had things quickly under control. The cause of the fire is still under investigation, but a preliminary observation points to a chimney fire. Thankfully, no one was hurt as residents were able to evacuate quickly – including getting their pets out of the house and away from immediate danger. The Wellsboro Fire department assistant chief was unable to make any comment to Wellsboro Home Page due to the urgency of the situation.

Chief Jim Bodine issued a scam warning to both Wellsboro businesses and residents. An unknown individual is calling local businesses in Wellsboro and claiming they represent the Wellsboro Electric Company. The individual states that whomever they are calling is behind on their electric bills and they need to pay with a credit card or their electricity will be shut off. The individual appears to be targeting local businesses, however, local residents should also be aware they may be targeted as well. Should you receive a call from this individual, DO NOT give your personal information out and contact the Wellsboro Police Department immediately at 570-724-4400.

If there were ever two teams that contrast each other it would be North Penn and Mansfield and that was proven last Friday night, January 17th. The Panthers ran up and down the floor early in the game putting up many shots.

Mansfield was able to control the tempo by using rebounding and second chance points to put themselves ahead early in the game. North Penn, down 10-20 after the first quarter was able to outscore the Tigers in the second quarter 19-18 and go into the locker room only down by 9.

Mansfield tightened up their defense in the third quarter and only allowed the Panthers to score 5 points. The Panthers outscored the Tigers once again in the fourth quarter 14-10 but it was too little too late. Mansfield closed out the game and wins it 60-48.

For more on the game and highlights as well as a post game interview with Mansfield head coach, Kipper Burleigh, click the video link above.

Chief Jim Bodine of the Wellsboro Police Department said on his weekly briefing that Tioga County is facing a number of serious problems regarding identity theft and online scams. Many in our older population are particularly vulnerable especially if they are not very tech savvy. But it can happen to anyone and the scammers are becoming more sophisticated. There seems to be certain times during the year when these problems intensify and according to Chief Bodine, with tax time upon us, we are experiencing one of those times. Residents in our area need to be alert and smart regarding identity theft and falling prey to scams in general. Credit card fraud and medical fraud are two of the areas being hit the hardest.

There are many residents in our area who have become a victim by giving their information over the internet. Others have had problems after giving their information to a retail store or by providing their information over the phone. Make sure that you know the retailer and never give your personal information over the phone to a person who calls you. You should initiate the call and then be careful to first verify the phone number before calling. Many have been burned by giving their personal information to charities or benevolent organizations that they are inclined to support. Only to find out later that it was a fraudulent call designed to get a credit card number and personal information. Remember, anyone can call you and ask for a donation and pose as a well known charity or even a political party. There is no way to know who the person is on the other end of that line. If you want to donate to a particular organization then you should contact them. Others in our area have been burned by mailing personal information thinking that they will receive something in return. Make sure you know who you are dealing with and take the few extra moments to verify that you are truly in contact with the real organization and not a knock-off fraud.

Some things to remember that will help protect you from identity theft and fraud. First, NEVER give your personal information over the phone or internet unless you are 200% sure that it’s legitimate. If you shop frequently online, make sure your internet virus protection is up to date and working. Even if you are on a Mac be smart. Check your bank account frequently to make sure you don’ t see anything our of the ordinary. Check your Credit History on a regular basis.

If you have been compromised and fall victim to identity theft call your financial institution immediately and report the activity. Close all accounts in question. Report the activity to your local police department. The Wellsboro Police Department has an identity theft packet that will help guide you through some of the reporting steps that you need to take. The Federal Trade Commission’s consumer website has a great deal of information to help victims of identity theft. That website can be found here:

We wear hats to support our favorite sport teams, advertise our businesses, and for various outside activities that we all enjoy. Another reason to wear hats is for fashion’s sake alone, and that is today’s focus on Home Page. Hats for fashion – who sells them – who wears them – who makes them – and who is going to win one?

Who sells them takes us to one of the beautiful stores here in Wellsboro, The Fifth Season Boutique …

At the boutique Rachel Tews and Susan Graver gave us a hat tour, featuring the many beautiful hats they have for sale, and including some made by Christine A. Moore Millinery. They demonstrated different styles, such as the cloche and assured us that, when women come in searching for the right hat, they do their best to find the style that fits each woman best. While we were there, not only did they show us all the beautiful hats available for sale, but they also gave us a hat demonstration of various styles, like the cloche, the top hat, and the box hat. Everyone can wear a hat, and they are willing to help you find the one for you.

The last hat they talked about was the ‘Nikki’ made byChristine A. Moore Millinery, which, through a drawing, will be given away. Rachel outlined the two ways to enter for the opportunity to win the Christine A. Moore hat. You can come into the store and fill out a card, telling them why you like wearing hats or when you wore a certain hat that was special to you. You can also go onto The Fifth Season’s Facebook site and register for the drawing instead. The drawing signup will be open for two weeks ending on February 4th, and the winner of the Christine A. Moore hat will be announced on Valentine’s Day.

In the studio, hat designer, Christine Moore, tells us how her hat-making journey started twenty-two years ago making hats for Broadway shows, followed by a transition seventeen years ago to her own business, Christine A. Moore Millinery, in New City. She shared her personal story of when she was a teen wearing a hat, and how it helped her to overcome her shyness and express herself without talking. She also really enjoys the craft of making hats. She shared her thoughts on what happens when we, as women, add a hat to our outfit. Christine explains how the hat defines your personality and can reflect your mood at the time. It also brings attention to a lady’s eyes – they sparkle, so that the focal point becomes the woman’s face. People are drawn to women who wear hats!

And we wrapped up our current 3-part series of animal adoption features, but there are plenty of potential family members still in need of a home! Sarah Vickery, Jennifer Thomas from KC 101 and a few others from Wellsboro Home Page had the opportunity to meet and greet all the feline friends that the Wellsboro Animal Care Sanctuary is currently housing. Wendy Reber (director of the sanctuary) showed us some of the cats and gave us details on their daily care and all that goes into making sure they have everything they need until they find their forever home. We also were allowed a sneak peek at some puppies that will soon be available for adoption!

The mission and goal of the Animal Care Sanctuary is to promote the humane care and treatment of all animals in need of protection including rescued, abandoned and abused animals. Animal Care Sanctuary is a no-kill, non-profit organization located in East Smithfield & Wellsboro, Pennsylvania. Their primary purpose in adopting animals is not to find them a quick home but a forever home. Their goal is to have all of their animals be adopted into families where they will be cared for and loved for the rest of their lives. To this end, potential adopters are required to complete their adoption application. Behavioral assessments are performed on all dogs and the results are used to make the best possible matches between dog and family. An ACS dog or cat must meet all members of the adoptive family before going home with them. They do dog-to-dog introductions on site at the sanctuary to help to ensure a good match with dogs already in the home.

ACS is a 501(c)3 organization that relies entirely on donations. No local, state, or federal government assistance is received.

For more information on how you can adopt a special pet, please call 570-724-3687. And thanks again to Wendy Reber for being our special guest and granting us access to the wonderful facility she oversees.

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