Top 5 SWEET Games to Play!

Stop by Peggy’s Candies & Gifts for candy & ice cream fun

by Home Page – May 17, 2017

It’s time to follow your sweet tooth down to Peggy’s Candies & Gifts in Wellsboro, PA and join in on the fun! Today’s episode presents the Top Five Sweetest Games to play.

The first game is called Truffle Shuffle. The rules: order an assortment of chocolate truffles and mix them in a bag or box. While blindfolded (or closing your eyes), have a friend pick a truffle from the bag and feed it to you and try to guess the flavor. Take turns back and forth between friends until the tasty truffles are gone. Whoever guesses correctly the most, wins!

The second game is more of a contest: it’s called Brain Freeze. Stop by the ice cream station at Peggy’s with a friend and order the same ice cream. (For example, all participants order a large vanilla soft-serve in a cone.) The first person to finish their cone wins.

The third game is very popular and played throughout the United States: BeanBoozled, by Jelly Belly. Pick up an assortment of Jelly Bell BeanBoozled-flavored jellybeans and download the BeanBoozled app from the Apple App Store or Google Play store for your mobile device. The app includes a spinner that randomly chooses a color of jellybean for you to try – but there’s a twist: a green jellybean could be flavored lime, or like lawn clippings. Will you and your friends taste a delicious flavor or get BeanBoozled? Whoever tastes the most jellybeans (without quitting) wins the game!

The fourth game is Frog Flinging! Grab a dollar-bag of gummy tropical frogs and take turns tossing frogs to each other, catching them in your mouth. With each successful catch, take a step backward and see how far you can catch.

The fifth game is a mix of soccer and chocolate: Soccolate! Form two “goals” on opposing ends of a table or other flat surface. (Goals can be made of paper, boxes, or candy blocks for extra sweetness. Pick up a scoopful of chocolate soccer balls from Peggy’s and let the game begin! The objective: flick the soccer balls into the opponents goal. Whoever scores all of their soccer balls first, wins!

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