Susquehanna Health – Happy New YOU!

The 2016 Weight Loss Challenge results are in – with life-changing effects!

by Chloe Quimby – April 8, 2016

Happy new you! This is one of the many encouragements for all the Susquehanna partners who decided to join the 2nd annual weight loss challenge. Teams from all four Susquehanna Health campuses—Williamsport Regional Medical Center, Divine Providence Hospital, Muncy Valley Hospital, and Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hospital—competed in this year’s challenge. The first weigh in took place January 15th, and the last on April 1st.

This year, 850 partners joined the challenge to become Susquehanna Healthy. At the last weigh-in, WHP spoke with Jerrod Ferrence and Sharon Belvin, both health and wellness educators for Susquehanna. Jerrod explained that less weight was lost overall this year, due in part to a shorter 2016 challenge—twelve weeks compared to last year’s sixteen. He also noted that many participants this year who had lost the weight last year were able to maintain a good weight since that time. These health conscious individuals took the opportunity during the 2016 challenge to learn more about exercise and nutrition.

Jerrod admitted that starting and maintaining new healthy habits is a real struggle that we each have to face in the midst of busy schedules. Stressing the importance of prioritizing your personal wellness, however, he reminds, “Health is the most important thing. [Because] without health, what do you really have?”

This theme was brought home throughout an interview with Sharon Belvin. “I had stage 4 melanoma at age 22. And so my health history puts health now at a forefront. I feel blessed enough to have gotten through that and I do not want to put myself at an increased risk—through my own eating habits or sedentary lifestyle—to make the risk of getting cancer even worse.”

Sharon’s heartfelt advice to WHP viewers? “…You are worth the time and effort it takes to get to health and wellness and whatever that may mean for you. It doesn’t mean the same for everybody, it doesn’t look the same for everybody. But you are worth that effort.”

Winning teams for the Susquehanna weight loss challenge are as follow:

Most Weight Lost – Muncy Valley Hospital “For Better Tomorrow” 131.5lbs total loss

Percentage Fat Loss – Williamsport Regional Medical Center “Team Two Ton” 26.6% fat loss

2nd Place Weight Lost – Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hospital “Special K’s” 115.5lbs total loss

Complete team rankings and statistics are listed below.

Winning teams, pounds lost:
1. For Better Tomorrow MVH 131.5
2. Special K’s SSMH 115.5
3. Interventional Fatiators WRMC 107.0
4. X-raysizers SSMH 106.0
5. Flab-U-Less 2 WRMC 89.5
6. The Team with NO GAIN WRMC 86.0
7. Badunkadunk Busters WRMC 85.5
8. Team Two Ton WRMC 79.5
9. Die Lards WRMC 76.5
10. C.C.R.-Club Chub Rubbers DPH 71.0

Winning teams % fat lost:
1. Team Two Ton WRMC 26.6%
2. The Team with NO GAIN WRMC 26.2%
3. Flab-U-Less 2 WRMC 25.2%
4. Ads to Abs 2.0 WRMC 22.7%
5. For Better Tomorrow MVH 22.6%
6. Interventional Fatiators WRMC 22.2%
7. X-raysizers SSMH 21.6%
8. Chunk-A-Monks WRMC 20.6%
9. Zipper Rippers WRMC 20.0%
10. The Countermeasures SSMH 17.5%
Total LBS Lost 2,755.5 (12 weeks)

This following list is the teams from Soldiers and Sailors and their results for the challenge.
SSMH Pounds
1. Special K’s 115.5
2. X-raysizers 106.0
3. Thin It To Win It 54.0
4. The Lipid Panel 53.0
5. Stones to Bones 47.5
6. Weapons of Less Consumption 35.0
7. Ragin Ritas 30.5
8. Flab-u-less 21.5
9. The Countermeasures 21.0
10. Waisting Away 20.0
11. Walk-This-a-Weigh 18.0
12. Cast a Weighs 16.0
13. Fat Busters 14.0
14. P.A.W.S. 13.5
15. Chafing the Dream! 12.5
16. Hangry Hangry Hippos 5.0

SSMH % Fat
1. X-raysizers 21.6%
2. The Countermeasures 17.5%
3. The Lipid Panel 16.9%
4. Ragin Ritas 15.1%
5. Weapons of Less Consumption 13.4%
6. Special K’s 12.5%
7. Thin It To Win It 10.6%
8. P.A.W.S. 10.3%
9. Flab-u-less 7.5%
10. Hangry Hangry Hippos 7.3%
11. Walk-This-a-Weigh 6.9%
12. Chafing the Dream! 6.3%
13. Waisting Away 4.1%
14. Cast a Weighs 1.8%
15. Fat Busters 1.6%
16. Stones to Bones 0.6%

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