Stairway to Health

Every grand journey begins with a single step…

by Sara Vogt, Chloe Quimby, Jerrod Ferrence – August 31, 2015

To stair or not to stair – that is the question!

Starting now, every step counts. As a follow-up to the successful Weight Loss Challenge, Susquehanna Health’s Health and Wellness Educators are introducing the “Stairways to Health” Campaign. On each campus, there is a designated stairwell with inspirational quotes encouraging participants. Some of the benefits of taking the stairs include an increase in personal health/wellness/fitness, decrease in stress, an opportunity to stay Susquehanna Healthy pre-holiday season, improved health for your families, and it even helps the environment.
The Health and Wellness Educators will also be raffling off YMCA personal training packages at each campus for participants in the Stairways to Health Campaign. This includes all of the YMCAs—even the one closest to Wellsboro, in Mansfield. At the end of each month, participants submit their stair counts at the Health and Wellness Educator’s offices on each campus by filling out slips located next to the office doors (locations below) and putting them into the comment box. Slips should be completed with name, department, campus, number of flights for the month, and contact information.
All four campuses have designated stairwells, but all flights count on every stairwell at each campus! The challenge began on Monday, July 27 and ends Sunday, November 1.

Office locations:
DPH – 4th Floor near Sleep Center
MVH – Basement near Laboratory
SSMH – 3rd Floor, former Behavioral Health Unit
WRMC – 7th Floor, Employee Health

Today on Home Page feature we spoke with the lead Health and Wellness Educator, Jerrod Ferrence about this campaign. He explains, “We are trying to get more and more people to utilize these stairs. People say that they do not have enough time to exercise or get out to a gym. Parking your car farther away, utilizing the steps is a great way to improve our cardiovascular health, as well as our muscular endurance and even our strength. The average person burns five times more calories by taking the steps than by taking the elevator.”
He also stressed the correct way to take stairs and the proper footwear to use. Ferrence cautioned those who wear high heels, please use the railing. Keep in mind that SH does not recommend using multiple flights of stairs if you are carrying many objects, or if you have underlying medical conditions.
Any employee of Susquehanna Health that would like more information about the Stairway to Health campaign, please contact Jerrod via the information below.

Jerrod Ferrence – – (570) 321-1743

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