“Playing with Science” STEM Programs

Two ladies offer programs for budding, younger scientists and engineers

by Beth & Katie Mossman – February 24, 2017

There has been a lot of buzz about STEM lately. That’s Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Most of the focus has been on high school and middle school programs. Two ladies in our community got together with Wellsboro Parks and Recreation to offer programs for younger scientists and engineers.

Melina Moyer has a science degree in biology, a masters degree in Zoology, and course work in a teacher education program. she developed and taught pre k-12 inquiry based science programs at several leading science centers and museums. She has taught college level biology, ecology and physical science courses. She has also worked as a Science Specialist at a Montessori elementary school before moving to Wellsboro.

Rachel Smith has a bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering and a masters in Secondary Education. She designed and sold commercial HVAC systems for 12 years. She knew early on that she would one day like to teach. she is currently working toward a teaching certificate in Physics.

Together these amazing ladies started the “Growing a Scientist” program for pre K, and STEM for grades 2-4. What are they teaching the kids?

“Growing a Scientist, is an opportunity to harness the natural curiosity and develop a lifelong love of science and engineering (STEM thinking), says Melina. The kids use basic science skills of observing and using the words to describe what they sense. They learn to observe, experiment, make predictions, share discoveries and ask questions. The pre-school class has been working on identifying solids, liquids and gasses. This might sound a little boring until you know that they are exploring these things through fun activities such as, flying paper airplanes, balloon rockets, dissecting seeds, blowing bubbles, playing with magnets, and much more.

The second to fourth grade classes have been learning about the six simple machines. They designed and built model playgrounds using the simple machines of lever, wheel and axel, pulley, wedge, screw, and inclined planes. They also built catapults and did experiments on how the placement of the fulcrum effects the distance the catapult could shoot an object. the last day of class the parents were invited to watch their kids present the projects they had made. They were also joined by special guest, Peter Herres, from Wellsboro Parks and Recreation. He explained to the kids that he is looking for ideas for redoing Woodland Park. All of the children hope that he uses one of their ideas.

The classes are held in 6 week sessions. The next program will be offered in April 2017. If your child is interested in one of these programs you may contact Rachel and Melina at playingwithsciencewellsboro@gmail.com or go to the Wellsboro Parks and Recreation website, or call 570-724-0300 to register.

Idea/Concept: Katie Mossman
Videography: Andrew Moore
Video Editing: Andrew Moore
Writing: Beth & Katie Mossman
Anchor: Megan Thomas
Correspondent: Katie Mossman

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