On the Radar – License to Carry

State Trooper Bieber answers questions about concealed carrying firearms

by Trooper Angela Bieber – November 17, 2017

Questions in regards to carrying a concealed firearm in Pennsylvania and information about the License to Carry are very popular. Having knowledge about your License to Carry, especially your rights and responsibilities, is an important aspect of being a responsible gun owner.

Here are some of the common questions we are asked about this topic:

Who can obtain a License to Carry?
In the state of Pennsylvania, you must be at least 21 years old to apply for a License to Carry. The application can be obtained through your county’s Sheriff’s Department. Once you have completed and submitted the application, the Sheriff’s Office has 45 days to complete a background check and obtain information through the Pennsylvania Instant Check System (PICS) to determine if you are lawfully permitted to concealed carry. The License to Carry gives you the privilege to carry your firearm concealed on your person and in your vehicle. The License is good for 5 years.

What can prohibit a person from obtaining a License to Carry?
There are over 30 various crimes that, if you have been convicted, will prohibit you from obtaining a License to Carry. Most of these crimes are Felonies such as Assaults, Burglary, Robbery, etc. Please see the end of this article for websites that will show the entire list of Prohibited Offenses.

What should I do if I happen to get pulled over by a Police Officer with my firearm in the vehicle?
The best practice during a traffic stop with your firearm in the vehicle is to keep your hands on the steering wheel, advise the officer that you have a firearm, a License to Carry, and where both of those items are in the vehicle. Follow the requests of the Officer and make slow movements, rather than quick, unannounced movements.

What if I’m traveling outside of Pennsylvania?
Each state has different concealed carry laws. It’s ALWAYS important to check with each individual state that you be traveling to (or through) during your trip. Contact each state’s State Police or Attorney General’s Office to get the most accurate and up to date information.

What if I need to transport my firearm somewhere in my vehicle, but I don’t have a License to Carry?
If you are transporting a firearm in your vehicle and DO NOT have a License to Carry, such as you are taking it to a gun shop, firing range, etc, you must render it inoperable. Put a gun lock on it or disassemble it. Also, It should be placed somewhere out of your reach, such as the trunk. Any ammunition you have should be separated from the firearm and in a separate container.

Are there locations that I am NOT allowed to have my firearm, even with my License to Carry?
Yes! To name a few: elementary and secondary schools, court facilities, federal facilities, correctional facilities, and of course airport TSA security areas. Again, always check before you go.

Finally, when it comes to being a responsible gun owner, there are some common sense practices that all should take:
– Keep your firearms safely locked when not at home to avoid theft from burglars
– Keep them out of reach of children.
– Familiarize yourself with the operation of all your firearms
– Stay informed of firearms laws and what your rights and responsibilities are

There is much more information available on this topic. To learn more, check out these websites:
PA State Police “Firearms Information”
PA Attorney General
Tioga County Sheriff

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Anchor: Rhonda Pearson

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