To Sleep, Or Not To Sleep

There are more questions than just one!

by Amiee Jones – August 31, 2017

“Sleep is essential for life!” In this Movin’ Together feature, Bonnie Kendrick, who supervises the UPMC Susquehanna Sleep Center at the Soldiers and Sailors Memorial Hospital in Wellsboro, shares some of her tips and knowledge about the importance of healthy sleep habits. She explained that there’s actual science behind the idea of sleep clearing your head. When we sleep, cerebral spinal fluid is released that flushes things out and helps the brain clear and refresh. So, when facing a difficult decision or processing a tough day, it truly will help to “sleep on it”!

The best way to take care of your body and to feel rested is to establish a sleep pattern. Bonnie relates the routine to a set habit like brushing your teeth in the morning. Sticking to a consistent bedtime and wake time take intentionality and self-discipline, but our bodies will thank us for it! There are some helpful methods for accomplishing this sleep routine goal. It’s best if the bedroom is saved for sleeping. Screen time before bed only delays the ability to fall asleep, which causes frustration. Regular bed times and a calm, quiet bedtime routine is the quickest path to sleep success.

In addition to adequate and steady sleep, our daytime routines play a role in our level of health and fatigue. “Busy” is definitely the name of the game in today’s world. But with longer workdays, more responsibilities to take care of, and daily multi-tasking, proper rest is more important than ever. Also, simplifying our hectic lives wherever possible will help raise rest levels on the daytime side.

Bonnie went on to explain more benefits that will come from setting these healthy sleep choices in to action. Did you know your sleep life effects your joint health? Also, your weight management is strongly effected by your rest levels! And, of course, mental clarity is stronger when you’re consistently well rested.

It’s very clear that our bodies are meant to function on scheduled and adequate sleep. The choice can be difficult to follow through with, but the pay-offs are undeniable! As Psalm 127:7 says, “It is vain that you rise up early and go to rest late.” Simply put, our many efforts during the day are fruitless if we continue to shortchange our rest at night. Let’s make the choice to set a new habit, and give our bodies the rest they need!

Idea/Concept: Sara Vogt
Videography: Erin O’Shea
Video Editing: Erin O’Shea
Writing: Amiee Jones
Anchor: Amiee Jones
Correspondent: Sara Vogt

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