Movin’ Together 2018 – Rail Trail Adventure

The Movin’ Together crew explore the new Cavanaugh Access

by Sara Vogt – May 31, 2018

The primary mission of Movin’ Together is to encourage women to keep moving on this journey called life! At times we may experience a situation that we need to press through to see it resolved to a positive outcome. Each month on this broadcast we offer the opportunity to use a new tool to assist us to be healthier and happier. This month we are moving outdoors and enjoying the wonder and beauty of God’s creation. Movement improves memory, multitasking, planning and paying attention. It also enhances our immune system, coordination, and balance.

(At the end of this writing you will have an opportunity to win an adventure gift package by correctly answering a question about the trail.)

On today’s feature, Linda Stager, the author of the Pine Creek Rail Trail Guidebook, guided the Movin’ Together team through an adventure on the Pine Creek Rail Trail.

In a previous broadcast, Linda began teaching us about this trail and the beautiful experiences that could await us!

Here’s what the access point looked like in the early 1900’s.

This year with Linda we spent our time at the new Cavanaugh Access to the trail. When asked how she felt about this new access she stated, “It is new and wonderful, and it is inviting. This whole section of the trail is 8.7 miles long, and this particular access is at mile four. Why not go, it is just the perfect place if you want a short walk, if you want a short bike, it is the perfect place if you want to learn about the trail.”

We continued a short distance to reach the Marsh Creek Arch Bridge. This beautiful structure is a landmark for the trail yet not part of the original railroad. While on the bridge Linda emphatically expressed, “ This is one of the most important things to remember about the rail trail, it is flat. When I first started riding, I wanted to ride someplace that was off the highway and flat. I came here, and you see how beautiful it is and the kind of things we can do here. Thinking of Julianna (Movin’ Together’s youngest team member) I saw her learning to ride her bike tonight on the trail, and she did wonderfully. That’s the thing; little people can come, big people can come it doesn’t matter, it is good for everybody.” This path is perfect for families to make memories that will last a lifetime.

After spending a day on the trail, our bodies long for a delicious, healthy snack to replenish our lost nutrients and energy. In this episode of Movin’ Together, Sara highlights the benefits of cranberries, raisins, tart cherries, and blueberries. Most fruits supply good sources of Vitamin C. According to an article in Medical News Today cranberries are a good source of vitamin E, fiber, and vitamin C. Vitamin C is a powerful, natural antioxidant. According to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), not only can Vitamin C block some of the damage caused by free radicals, but it also improves iron absorption from plant sources, boosts the immune system, and aids in making collagen which helps wound healing.

To encourage and support your decision to move outside for some fun and sun we will be giving away three adventure gift packages; two will be given away on a special video on Facebook and one via e-mail. The adventure package will include a personalized signed copy of The Rail Trail Guidebook by Linda Stager, a z-clip, which is an all natural mosquito and bug repellent clip (color of your choice) and two bags of Fruit Fusion Superberry Blast Supersnacks.

To win one of these gift packages be the first to email the name of the bridge Linda showed Sara in this broadcast. Send your answer to

We look forward to giving away these adventure gift packages sponsored by Dunham’s Department Store, Linda Stager, and Movin’ Together.

For more information on the Pine Creek rail trail you may also purchase a copy of Linda’s book, which covers the entire sixty-two miles of the trail. Her books are available on her Facebook page The Pine Creek Rail-Trail Guidebook, through Amazon, and at several area business locations in Wellsboro such as the Penn Wells Hotel.

Next time on Movin’ Together we will be discussing, sun protection.

Drive the Marsh Creek Road, from Pagomar’s for 4ish miles.
Or drive Rt. 6 for 6ish miles. Turn right on the sharp curve onto the Webster Road. At the T, take a left. Drive another mile. The parking area is on the left.

Also, the Cavanaugh Access is on Google maps, so if one does a search for it, they will get great directions.

Idea/Concept: Sara Vogt
Videography: Johanna Vogt, John Vogt
Video Editing: Andrew Moore
Writing: Sara Vogt
Anchor: Lauren Gooch
Correspondent: Sara Vogt, Julianna Vogt
Photos by Linda Stager

Produced by Vogt Media
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