Inspiration Net

Catch the flash moments and thoughts…

by Derrel Emmerson

Have you every caught butterflies? You need a net. I want to tell you about another net. I call it my inspirations net. I once heard a speaker say that God speaks us a 100 times a day but we just don’t make note of it. It is there as a thought and then it is gone. Every since I heard that speaker I have carried a small pocket notebook ( or larger) to record those flash thoughts. I encourage every one I know intimately to do the same.

Here are some of the flash moments that I caught in my net:

– It is presumptuous with God and painful to the less fortunate for us to ever assume that we are blessed because we deserve it. That is precisely the reason the Bible says God “sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. “ If we are blessed, we are blessed. Give thanks to God!

– When you hear good news – really hear it – you are compelled to share it.

– Those who learn to love those nearest will be able to walk anywhere and love everyone. No one loves everyone who has not truly loved someone with deep respect by caring for and appreciating them.

– Those who learn to live in the moment have found their ways into eternity.

All labor, all play and every person are windows to the face of God. Your face should shine so much no one is ever conscious of looking at the rest of you.

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