For the Love of Food – Improved Picnic!

Touch up your picnic presentation with these fun fruit tips!

by Jen Davis – July 5, 2016

We are now in picnic season! I always struggle with bringing a dish to pass. I like bringing a veggie plater because it is a healthy option, but it looks so boring!
Recently I discovered some new ways to spice up the presentation. I am going to share with you how to make the platter of veggies look a little more fun and appetizing! First, take a rinsed cucumber and cut it in half. Slice a part of one of the halves into about 8 very thin slices. Layer the slices in a line with each slice covering half of the previous slice. Roll the slices from one end to the next and cut the roll in half. Your end product should resemble a rose! Watch today’s video for a demonstration!
Fruits and vegetables not only have vitamins and minerals that we need, but they are a great source of fluid-especially in summer months when there is concern for dehydration.
Watermelon is a great example! It contains vitamin A, and C. It is also 92% water!
The traditional ways of serving watermelon are to ball or cube it (which is a lot more work than I care to do!) or slice it into triangles. This is easy enough, but when you get down close to the rind, it tends to get a little messy. Watch today’s video a fun, easy and less-messy way to eat your watermelon!

A final thought about picnics, that is important to remember: Perishable foods should be refrigerated within 2 hours, but if the temperature is above 90 degrees, it needs to be refrigerated within 1 hour! And if you are wondering, “hmmm… is it still safe to eat?” – think of the saying, WHEN IN DOUBT, THROW IT OUT!
Thanks for joining us today, and we’ll see you next time on FOR THE LOVE OF FOOD!

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