Behind the Sparkle – Aquamarine

Bethany shares the beauty behind March’s birthstone

by Bethany Hawn & Home Page – March 16, 2017

Welcome to another edition of Behind the Sparkle with certified gemologist, Bethany Hawn. This edition features March’s birthstone: aquamarine.

This light blue stone gets its name from the Latin word, aqua marina, for seawater. Aquamarine was once thought to bring safe passage and calm seas to sailors. During the Middle Ages, many believed that simply wearing the gem was an antidote to poisoning. Powder from aquamarine was used in ancient medicines to aid in curing infections. It was also believed to be a symbol of happiness in marriage. What a perfect gift for a bride-to-be or special someone with a March birthday!

“As a gemologist, I would identify this stone as a light, greenish blue, transparent gemstone with a Refractive Index of 1.577 to 1.583,” says Bethany. “And because it is the blue color variety of the mineral, Beryl – that tells us that this stone is aquamarine. If this stone were a vibrant green, it would be emerald, and if were pink it would be morganite.

If you’d like to learn more about gemology or need help picking out an aquamarine gift for yourself or someone special, stop by Bethany’s Jewelry & Design in Mansfield, PA.

Idea/Concept: Bethany Hawn
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