Art from the Heart – Placemat Masterpieces

Sarah Wagaman presents a new art project on display around Wellsboro!

by Sarah Wagaman & Heather Weiner – March 8, 2017

Happy National Youth Art Month!

During the month of March, the National Art Education Association celebrates National Youth Art Month (NYAM), which recognizes art education and encourages support of the visual arts. NYAM began in 1961 and has been gaining momentum ever since. The theme for 2016-2017 is “United Through Art” and to increase community understanding and interest in art education we decided not only to celebrate the event in school, but to share creativity with the community through local restaurants.

Students created collages, paintings, and drawings of placemat ideas. They used various media such as pencils, colored pencils, paint, glue, crayons, permanent markers, and other materials that could undergo the lamination process.

After creating the 12” x 18” works of art, each underwent the lamination process to protect the creations and to make them better suited for use in the restaurants. (Thank you, Mrs. Stratton!) Following lamination, the projects—over 580 of them—were then trimmed, sorted and distributed. Parents were notified prior to distribution and were given information on where to locate the artwork of each grade and class so that they could enjoy the creations of their own young artists.

The response has been very positive from students, parents, restaurant owners, and patrons. As some restaurant owners have shared, they have already received reservations from families (including parents, grandparents, and friends) specifically wishing to use their young artist’s placemat.

Please visit one or more of your local restaurants to see these colorful creative placemats that students are so proud to display! If you see the youngsters out and about looking for their placemats, please congratulate them on their efforts and creativity. Placemats are being returned at the end of the month, so please use them gently.

Participating eateries include: The Steak House, Timeless Destination, Wellsboro House, Native Bagel, Tony’s Italian Cuisine, Penn Wells Lounge, Penn Wells Café, Harland’s Family Style Restaurant and the Wellsboro Diner.

If you have any questions regarding National Youth Art Month, or for more information feel free to email

Looking for placemats from a specific class?

Wellsboro House will be featuring placemats from students of Mrs. Bryant, Mr. Hildebrand, Mrs. Gay, Mrs. Clark, Mrs. Rhone and Mrs. Appel.

Tony’s Italian Cuisine will be featuring placemats from students of Mr. Callahan and Mrs. Mann.

The Native Bagel will be featuring placemats from students of Mrs. Callahan, Mrs. Kreger and Mrs. Nuss.

The Penn Wells Lounge will be featuring placemats from students of Mrs. Shaw and Mrs. Dunkleberger.

The Penn Wells Café will be featuring placemats from students of Mrs. Ryan, Mrs. Farrer and Mrs. Appel.

Timeless Destination will be featuring placemats from students of Miss Farrer, Mrs. Salada, Mrs. Lohr, Mrs. Boyce, Mrs. Lightner/Mrs. Tice (first grade), Miss Munnell and Mrs. Freeman.

Harland’s will be featuring placemats from students of Mrs. Brought, Mrs. Lightner/Mrs. Tice (Kindergarten) and Mrs. Mascho.

The Wellsboro Diner will be featuring placemats from students of Mr. Boyce, Mrs. McCabe and Mrs. Nuss.

The Wellsboro Steak House will be featuring placemats from students of Mrs. Mosher, Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Starkweather.

Idea/Concept: Sarah Wagaman
Videography: Erin O’Shea
Video Editing: Erin O’Shea
Writing: Sarah Wagaman, Heather Weiner
Anchor: Rhonda Pearson
Contributor: Sarah Wagaman

Produced by Vogt Media
Funded by Dunham’s Department Store, Akiko’s Floral Arts

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