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Welcome to Wellsboro Home Page 4.0 for 2017!

by Home Page Staff

As we begin 2017 we thank God for giving us the opportunity to serve you over these past four years. It has been a great joy. We have come to know and love our community in a very meaningful way. The people of Tioga County Pennsylvania are hard working and caring. When there is a need our community responds. And, there are so many good things that happen here. It has been a privilege for us to be able to cover many of these events. Thank you for watching Wellsboro Home Page.

As always, a huge shout out to our Home Page family of advertisers. They are the ones who make it happen. They pay for the cameras and the lights and all the rest. They pay our staff and for the most part give wind to our sales with their encouraging words of appreciation. We have a exceptional family of advertisers. Please purchase from them when ever you can.

As we begin 2017 we have several announcements that we are very excited to tell you about. First, we have officially established a new parent organization called The Home Page Network. You can find us at TheHomePageNetwork.com and The Home Page Network on Facebook. At this location you will find links to our different Home Page markets and network features including HPN News and Home Page Sports along with our association with Circle W Sports which is operated by our very own Ed Weaver.

During this next year we will be adding HPN Newscasts not only to our Home Page sites but also on Blue Ridge Cable Channel 13. But, our really big news today… is that we would like to welcome Mansfield Home Page as our first addition to The Home Page Network. That’s right, MansfieldHomePage.com is now available along with Mansfield Home Page on Facebook.

Also, on today’s broadcast HPN Sports Director, Ed Weaver, introduces Mr. Brady Connolly as our new Sports Director for the Mansfield market which includes coverage of North Penn Mansfield High School, Mansfield University, and North Penn Liberty High School.

We are also pleased to announce that Dave Cox has joined our Home Page family. Many of you know Dave from his outstanding customer service at the front desk of the historic Penn Wells Hotel. Don’t worry, you will still see his smiling face there as well. With the blessing of Shawn and Ellen Bryant, Dave will be working part time for The Home Page Network. His primary responsibility will be in sales. But, Dave will also be involved in HPN News, as well as other on-air responsibilities.

Watch just the tutorial for the new app here: