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by Tabitha Dietrich – May 16, 2017

Creating continuity, or rhythm, is one of the basic principles of design and is essential to achieving a visually pleasant decorating scheme. This rhythm allows one design element to flow to the next and assists the eye to move freely throughout an interior space. Without this flow, a room can actually feel awkward. As a decorator, I am frequently called upon by clients to help them create this harmonious flow in their homes.

It doesn’t matter if you’re designing one room or many, either way you must consider the whole house as a series of spaces linked together by halls and stairways. Each room does not have to be the same, but they do need to complement each other to strengthen the overall design composition.

There are 3 methods to achieving rhythm in your interior design. These are repetition, transition and progression.

We’ll start with repetition. It is as simple as it sounds. The flow is created by repeating design elements throughout your space. These design elements include fabric, pattern, color, textures, line, light and form.

Next is transition which is a little more complicated. Transition is achieved by using a continuous flowing object across a space. This creates a strong visual line that takes your eye across the room and possibly onto the next. Sometimes it takes the form of an architectural feature or a piece of furniture. Things like stair railings, moldings, a dining table or counter tops would be examples.

Finally, we come to progression, also referred to as gradation. This not only helps create flow, but can also give a room depth. This can be implemented by a gradation of color, size or shape. Think in terms of varying shades of the same color or a set of nesting tables that go from small to large.

In my home, I have used several design elements to create flow. Specifically, they are color, pattern and texture. The colors I have incorporated are yellow, blue, green, red, gray and white. The patterns are scrolls, arabesque and fleur de lis. The texture of the wood grain floor runs throughout the ground level. The same carpet used on the stairs is carried through the second floor. Area rugs on the first floor connect the carpet texture to the second.

All of these elements together provide the continual flow, or rhythm, in the interior design of my home. I encourage you to watch the video which will provide a visual reference for you. You may also recognize some of these elements already existing in your own home and find inspiration as well.

Idea/Concept: Tabitha Dietrich
Videography: Erin O’Shea, Andrew Moore
Video Editing: Erin O’Shea
Writing: Tabitha Dietrich

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